L.O.V.E.machine is performing all required precautions to prevent spread of the virus. We will follow all government guidelines to make yours and artists tattoo experience as safe as possible.


For tattoo and piercing facilities:

  • Responsible Parties must ensure that staff remove needles from sealed packages before every customer procedure. Any pigment, trays, forceps/clamps, receiving tubes, body jewelry, or containers should also be clean and previously unused. Any stencils or razors must also be clean, previously unused, and discarded immediately after use. Tattoo machines should be covered in plastic and/or cleaned between each customer procedure. Single use tubes and grips are encouraged, if using reusable be sure to follow manufacturer specification on autoclaving and disinfection;
  • Responsible Parties should consider limiting customer contact with retail products before purchase, particularly body jewelry;
  • Responsible Parties must follow standard NYSDOH, OSHA and CDC guidelines for health and safety;
  • Responsible Parties are prohibited from offering personal care services that may require customers to remove face coverings (e.g., face tattoos, cosmetic lip tattooing, lip or nose piercings), unless the employee is wearing a face shield or similar barrier in addition to their face covering. Further, any employee performing such services must be tested, at least once on or after September 3, 2020, for COVID-19 through a diagnostic test and receive a negative result prior to the employee performing services that require removal of a customer’s face covering.