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In order for us to help create your vision, we first ask you to fill out an introductory form so we can understand what part of your decision process you are in. Our team will respond to help you with any remaining questions, such as picking the best artist for your design, quotes, and artist availability.
You can send us any reference photos, select an artist from our social media/portfolio that best resonates with your idea and where on your body you would like to dedicate to the project.

Once you fill out our form to the best of your ability, our staff will be able to address any remaining questions and concerns. With all that information, we will be able to make a plan for making your vision into reality.

Factors such as final design, size, color, detail and placement on the body all greatly affect the total price.

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Rough quotes can be provided through communication with staff or by reaching out to

Here are our recommendations for a successful visit to our studio:

  • Getting enough sleep and arriving well rested.
  • Having a nutritious breakfast.
  • Being fully hydrated.
  • Wearing comfortable clothing.
  • Bringing items that will make you more comfortable, such as headphones, books, snacks.
  • Bringing lunch or ordering food during your break.
  • Please do not drink alcohol at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  • Please do not apply numbing cream without consulting the artist.
  • Please reach out to our staff if you are sick to avoid complications.
  • If you are driving to our studio, we strongly recommend arranging parking ahead of time. There are paid parking lots in the area as it may be difficult to find parking on the street depending on your appointment time.

We are an appointment only based studio. However, our second location Love Machine Street does accept walk ins and time sensitive requests. The studio is located only a few blocks away at 155 Lafayette street.

We are located at 390 Broadway on the 4th Floor, between White Street and Walker Street.
Our studio is open from 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM Monday – Saturday.

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