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    To help us bring your vision to life, start by filling out an introductory form so we can understand where you are in your decision process. If possible, upload a picture of your desired design or something similar. The tattoo shop appointment form only takes a few minutes. Our team will get back to you to help with any remaining questions, like picking the best artist for your design, quotes, and artist availability.
    We understand our clients’ busy schedules and strive to make our service fit into your life 100%. To cancel or reschedule your tattoo appointment, contact us as you booked it. You can email us, message us on WhatsApp or Instagram, or give us a call.
    Remember, our studio works by appointment only. Here’s how to prepare for your visit:

    • Get enough sleep and arrive well-rested.
    • Have a nutritious breakfast.
    • Stay fully hydrated.
    • Wear comfortable clothing.
    • Bring items to keep you comfortable, like headphones, books, or snacks.
    • Bring lunch or plan to order food during your break.
    • Don’t drink alcohol for at least 24 hours before your appointment.
    • Don’t apply numbing cream without consulting the artist.
    • Let our staff know if you’re feeling sick to avoid complications.
    • If driving, arrange parking ahead of time. There are paid parking lots nearby, but street parking can be tough depending on your tattoo appointment time.

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    Even if you’re like, “Ummm, I kinda know what I want, but I’m not sure, maybe you can help…” go ahead and book a tattoo appointment. We’ll help you pick an even better design than you imagined. You might not be familiar with our artists, their specialties, or their unique styles, making tattoo artist booking tricky. Let’s make it easy together. Just fill out the form for tattoo appointments online on our website for a few minutes. Based on your request, we’ll get in touch and match you with a great artist.

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